“Toto, I have a feeling were not in Kansas anymore”

Baby Blessings / Naming Ceremonies

An alternative to traditional religious blessings this is a ceremony of great celebration, gratitude and joy introducing and celebrating the new addition to the family.

How is a Interfaith blessing/naming different to a traditional one?

An Interfaith baby naming and blessing ceremony leaves a child open to consciously choose any religious or spiritual path that they want later in life.

Usually held as the high point of a wider gathering, together we will create a heart warming ceremony that is reflective of your personal values and goals and is respectful to any spiritual or religious beliefs you or your family may hold and want to include. I will lead it all for you on the day.

Who else can be involved?

The blessing ceremony is an opportunity to welcome your child into the wider family and therefore other children and Grandparents can be a key element of the ceremony as well as Guardians, who take an interest in your child they grow. I work alongside and support whoever you choose.

Where can the ceremony be held?

This is dependent only on what size and sort of ceremony you would like.  Indoors or out, immediate family only or guests with a party afterwards – it’s up to you. Hotels and local halls can be good whereas in some public places you may need approval.  At home is very private, personal and costs less.

What about readings and music?

I have a selection of poetry and ideas for music to share with you but you can write or choose your own if you have something special to you.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the blessing service is between £150.00 and £300.00 depending on your detailed requirements, including all communications with you and your family to reach an agreed format. All other costs such as venue hire and catering are at your discretion. 

“Thank you Rev Gary for leading our baby blessing ceremony in the back garden – it was a wonderful, memorable experience for us all”