“The invisible energy field that shapes matter, as defined by quantum physicists, has the same characteristics as the invisible shaping fields that metaphysicians define as spirit”
(Bruce H Lipton PhD)

Home Blessings

Science and quantum physics tell us that everything in the entire universe including humans is made up of constantly flowing energy which is impacting on us at all times. Our energy and the energy in the places we live and work can affect our wellbeing on a subtle level. Energy in the form of thoughts and feelings is held within us and the spaces in which we live and breathe. A lot of negative energy in the same place  such as stress, arguments, traumas and illness can build up over time and therefore we can feel drained by that environment. The space can feel uncomfortable without us knowing why.

Doing something to move and change this energy by blessing and clearing the space can be a highly effective and positive way of revitalising the space which in turn impacts positively on those within it.

Blessing the home and clearing space is not a new thing, it’s been practised for centuries as a way to create a sacred space for healing and to move from the old into the new.

As an ordained minister, I work with you to create a blessing designed according to your religious or spiritual beliefs and culture to formally bless the home and cleanse and protect it and you from negative energy, opening up to the positive.

Why have a home blessing?

There may a number of reasons personal to you why you would like your home to be blessed. Maybe you’re moving into a new home and you want to start afresh or you’re leaving a home that has particular emotive memories for you. Maybe you have experienced negativity in your existing home that you want help to clear, it or maybe you just feel stuck.

Having a home blessing can assist you with all of these and more –

  • When you move into a new home, to fill it with positive energy, removing any energy of the previous occupants.
  • After a period of ill health, depression, arguments or even just bad luck.
  • To help when selling a home
  • After a divorce, bereavement, change of job or other major life event
  • For support in manifesting your wishes e.g. prosperity, relationships, etc
  • At the start of a new relationship
  • When leaving a home that has particular attachments for you
  • To prepare the house for a new arrival
  • If you’ve had a bad experience in your home
  • If you feel “uncomfortable” in any room
  • If you know that the building or land has a violent or sad history

The first thing is for us to meet to discuss your needs and agree the outline blessing service. I will then create a home blessing tailored to you and book a date and time.

How is the home blessed?

In consultation with you I may use one or a combination of methods to cleanse, protect and bless the home

Burning Incense and herbs  – “Smudging” as it’s called is an ancient traditional method of burning cleansing herbs or incense to produce a smoke cloud. The smoke was believed to disperse impurities to allow healing to commence, as the smoke rises it was believed that prayers would also rise to the spirit world and negative thoughts and emotions were lifted away. Most herbs used for smudging have antiseptic qualities and the process of burning them is understood to purify the air. I use herbs and incense whilst using the traditional earth based traditions invocation, of the four directions and elements. Burning essential oils can be an alternative if you prefer.

Invocation Prayers Blessings and Poetry – Sensitive to your own spiritual or secular beliefs, asking for support from “All that is” for blessing and protection of the home. Words suitable for each different room are used and these can be a creative blend from different spiritual paths or poetry if you prefer.

Symbols – Sometimes used at the same time as smudging or prayer to reinforce the power of the  blessings. Traditionally symbols (drawn in the air) are used to create a sacred space for healing and sealing in positive energy.

Sound –  The beautiful sound of Tibetan bells and bowls can be used to create a calming resonance throughout the home. Sometimes drumming may also be used.

What happens before the home blessing?

We meet up at the property concerned, discuss the reasons for wanting a home blessing and, agree the date and the details. I am very interested in hearing about you and the people living in the home and anything about its past you feel is relevant.

Before commencing the blessing you will need to open all windows and air the rooms, and the space should be made as clean and clutter-free as possible. If there is something specific you want to say or do as part of the process we can discuss it.

What happens during a home blessing?

I will offer an opening invocation asking for support from all that is setting the intention of the blessing, using the lighting of a candle on a small altar to mark this moment.

I will then bless myself at this time and any other participants in the process with incense or herbs or a short prayer. I encourage and involve you as much as you wish in this process. I also offer a Reiki healing at this time.

This is followed by a procession around the home. This takes in any gardens or outdoor space and each of the main living rooms, kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms, stopping at each one saying words agreed with you and filling the room with incense for purification and blessings of love.

Then there is opportunity for you to say anything you wish to say

Finally we would end the blessing service with giving thanks for all that has occurred and blowing out the candle together.

How long does it take?

This depends on the size of the space you wish to be blessed, cleansed and protected. Allow an initial meeting time of around an hour. The blessing will take a minimum of one hour for a small property to around three hours for a larger one. 

“Thank you so much for yesterday, we loved it and felt the warmth and love from what you brought into our home. The words were touching and meaningful for each individual room and what we loved the most was when you blessed us as well as this felt so sincere and genuine”.

R & A Bournemouth

Approximate Cost Guide

Studio / 1 bedroom home £75.00
2 Bedrooms £120.00
3 Bedrooms £180.00
4 Bedrooms £250.00
5 Bedrooms + P.O.A