Spiritual Counselling & Support

A sacred space in which to unfurl and connect with our essence

As an ordained Interfaith Minister I am trained in counselling skills in the spirit of love, equality and friendship for the purpose of accompanying people through the separation and false self-concepts that are the fundamental cause of suffering. It is an approach to counselling based on awakening with a non-denominational, inclusive spiritual orientation.

In the safe space created between us consciously or unconsciously you may experience unconditional acceptance whilst expressing a full range of emotions. Being deeply listened to in this way may enable you to truly hear yourself and your issues fully, which can be deeply healing.

An agreement to work together will happen first. This will include, the venue, timing, costs, media, any words you want to avoid, confidentiality, medical conditions and the nature of the issue you wish to discuss.

Sessions are led by you and may commence with a form of guided relaxation, maybe just breathing together to come to a place of stillness and sense of readiness before commencing. Once the talking has begun I will listen deeply with empathy and acceptance. I ask questions that I feel may be helpful and silence is not discouraged.

During this time together I will listen deeply to you and facilitate –

  • a sacred space in which to relax
  • an experience of sacred love and compassion
  • an awakening to a deeper truth

Cost & Venue

Sessions last one hour and cost £40.00 each with a 10% discount if booked in advance for 6 or more. There is no charge for the initial consultation call/meeting.

I am comfortable with face to face or over the telephone and Skype sessions or I have access to local suitable rooms.

Contact me to discuss this further.

Other Support

I also offer my services voluntarily for individuals and charitable organisations supporting children, young people and families. This could be sitting with someone who needs company for any number of reasons such as bereavement or illness or reading with them and giving them some company.

I am also available to visit your organisation or group if you would like to hear more about the training and work of an Interfaith Minister. I do not charge for this service. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.